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I’m Back for Now

December 23, 2011

Hello again. I have returned from my long absence, brought about by my time commitments for my university classes. I will be returning, with an even heavier workload, January 17. Until then, I will try to find some things to write about on this blog. I wish I had something to write specifically for Christmas. I can say that, even though I am not a Christian, I love Christmas… as much as I love any holiday. I find it hard to really appreciate holidays anymore, because the real value of holidays when I was younger was the family gatherings. Now, almost all my extended family lives too far away. But there’s something beautiful about Christmas. I love the idea of a special day to give gifts to others, although the idea has been abused—or maybe is an imperfect idea, naturally leading to distortion.

Although I’ve been busy with my school work, I have had time to read Esther, 2 Corinthians, Job, 1 and 2 Kings, and I am just getting to the last couple chapters of Joshua. Of course, regarding 1 Kings and Joshua, I decided to skip over some parts that were about temple construction particulars and territorial allotments, in each book respectively. I don’t know how much I could say about each book on this blog, though. Job didn’t make much sense to me, as it never has. Esther just gives a strong sense of fiction and non-historicity. Perhaps my favorite Bible story is in 1 Kings, and that is the story of Elijah and the prophets of Baal. The books of Kings remind me just how brutal the “chosen people of God” were said to be. And if those books weren’t enough, with an occasional endorsement by God of what the kings or others did, the book of Joshua gives ample evidence of what kind of god the Hebrew scriptures present.

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