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The Passion Story, Part 10a

August 8, 2011

I only have a short post for tonight. I want to back up first and make note of the interesting similarity between Luke’s and Matthew’s introductions of Simon of Cyrene. Mark does not give as much of a transition to the scene with the carrying of Jesus’s cross. Matthew 27:32’s “As they were coming out” and Luke 23:26’s “When they led Him away” are not too similar in wording, but they are similar in concept and sentence structure. As for John, it does not even mention Simon of Cyrene.

It’s also somewhat helpful to note the things in common to all four New Testament (NT) Gospels’ Passion Story accounts. All four Gospels identify the day of the crucifixion as the preparation day for the Sabbath. For some reason, I hadn’t noticed before that all four recount the supposed release custom of Pilate. On the other hand, I haven’t found anything that I’m surprised to find in all four NT Gospels.

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