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Some Questions

June 7, 2011

I’d like to take a look at the idea that all of humanity bears the guilt of the crucifixion of Jesus. I don’t know that there are any theological doctrines of Christianity that necessitate this idea. I suppose it’s just something people say because of emotion or in order to get an emotional reaction from someone else. I don’t even know what the basis is for the idea.

I’m not sure what the theological implications of the teaching might be. According to Christianity, all people are guilty of sin and will be punished by God no matter what. I don’t think their guilt or innocence of the crucifixion of Jesus is a factor there. In fact, the crucifixion of Jesus is only supposed to mean good for anyone. (This isn’t to say that the life of Jesus means only good. See the Gospel of John, particularly John 15:22.)

Here’s another question about Jesus’ crucifixion: What is the act supposed to say about human nature? I would also question the rationality of thinking Jews and Romans wanted to kill Jesus, but that can be saved for another time. Is there something inherent in human nature that led to all of those who didn’t accept Jesus’ message to want to kill him? I can’t give a definitive answer on that, but not because it’s somehow understandable that people would act that way. It’s just that people’s motivations for not accepting Jesus’ message during his earthly ministry are not made clear by Christianity. Once people begin behavior that can’t be understood, why expect it to stop? I think I’ll also save the reaction to Jesus’ ministry for another time, though.

I’d like to mention a few other issues right now, as well. First, since I was commenting on human nature, we get to one of the greatest questions for Christianity: What’s was God’s reason for letting humanity fall into sin and develop a nature to continue to sin? Also, why let them produce offspring that have the same sinful nature? I don’t have the time to discuss these right now, but I’ll list them as something to think about. First, I’ll have to look into what exactly the Bible says about human sin natures.

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